Free MLS sales data rating all REALTORS® for your specific area.

“The top 12% of Realtors represent 71% of all homes sold in Texas.
-Texas Association of REALTORS® / Multiple Listing Service

How It Works


1) Complete the Request Realtor Ratings form completely.

2) Receive information about the three top productive Realtors in your area.

3) Select one of those Realtors to assist you in selling your home.

Note: We recommend contacting all three to determine who will be the best fit for you.

Non Bias

Realty Ratings does not list any homes for sale. There are no “preferred” or “affiliate” Realtors. An agent must be the most productive agent for Realty Ratings to provide their information to a home owner. The Realty Ratings database includes ALL Realtors in the Texas.

No Cost

Realty Ratings is a free service to the home owner. We are paid a referral fee by the Realtors we provide to you. This is no way increases your costs.

No Obligation

You will be given the contact information for the three most productive Realtors in the neighborhood of the address you provide. YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO THOSE REALTORS.

Advanced Search

Realty Ratings has developed unique and complete rating system which utilizes the complete database of Realtors in Texas.

Most productive is determined through a proprietary weighted algorithm which includes; number of homes sold in that neighborhood, number of days on the market, sales price as a percentage of asking price, price adjustments and incentives offered.

Privacy Protection

Realty Ratings is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. When you register for Realty Rating’s services, the information you provide to us is used to provide the services you have registered for, to deliver email notifications to you, and from time to time, to validate your identity. Depending on the service you are accessing, you could be asked at various times to provide additional information such as your name, email address, street address, contact phone number or other information related to of the property you are seeking to buy or sell. If you request our services, some of your information may be shown to real estate agents (e.g., name, address) but not all of your information. Unless otherwise instructed to do so, it is up to you to contact the top real estate agent we recommend at your convenience. If you instruct Realty Ratings not to send you further emails, we will comply with your instructions. Unlike some other Realtor rating services, you will not be inundated with countless proposals emails. Realty Ratings will not share, rent or sell your information to third parties.

More Details

Once your request is received, we will process the information and supply you the results of the search within 24 hours. We will notify those three Realtors of just your name and partial address. This will essentially register you as a potential client with instructions for the agent NOT to contact you. It is up to you to initiate contact with the agent at your convenience.

If you do select one of the Realtors we have provided, that Realtor will pay Realty Ratings a fee for referring you to them. This referral fee will come directly from the Realtor and does not affect your costs or lower your level of service in any way. In many cases, we have Realtors provide better service as they want to insure Realty Ratings continues to refer home buyers or sellers to them.

*If you have a negative experience with any Realtor we recommend, please notify Realty Ratings immediately so we can investigate and make adjustments to our database as needed.

*While Realty Ratings may contact you to confirm your closing, there is no required communication beyond us providing you a list of the most Productive Realtors.