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Identifying Top Buyer Agents

All information is obtained from the Multiple   Listing Service, and is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed

Results   as of: 4/17/2014

Realtor   Name & Information

% of Sales   Representing the Buyer*

Average   Transaction Amount

Average %   Negotiated Below List Price**

License   Type/Year***

Cami Hobbs – Real T Team





cell (940)   391-1614
email [email protected]

Jeff Brand – RE/MAX





cell (972)   539-6555
email [email protected]

Texas   Realtor Average
According to TAR   Statistics





* %   of Sales Representing the Buyer:
     A HIGH % indicates experience/specialty representing the buyer’s side of a   transaction.
**   Average % Negotiated Below List Price:
     A HIGH % indicates successful price negotiating results on the buyer’s   behalf.
***   License Type/Year:
     TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) issues either an Agent (Salesperson) or   Broker license.
     An Agent must be sponsored by a Broker for 4 years and complete 900   additional hours to become a Broker.
  Selecting a Realtor

Often Realtors market themselves better than   they do your home.  Our goal is to bypass the Realtor’s slogans, salesy   promises, & self-proclaimed ‘top-producer’ status, to give you actual   data directly from the Multiple Listing Service.

The   Ratings Data
The   above information is directly from the North Texas Multiple Listing Service,   Texas Real Estate Commission, and the Texas Association of Realtors®   databases.  MLSRatings does not sell zip codes or areas to   Realtors.  All Realtors are included in the query to ensure unbiased   results.
Fees   & Commissions
While   Realtor fees are not dictated by a state or local agency, the industry   standard is that all commissions are paid by the seller.  The buyer’s   agent and listing agent split the commission which the seller has previously   agreed to pay.  The result is having a professional represent ONLY   his/her interest throughout the process at no cost.
          • A Buyer’s   Representation Agreement is common for some Realtors to ask a   buyer to sign.  A buyer should read it carefully as to the obligations   should he decide to fire the agent or not purchase a home.
           • A buyer should also pay close attention to how a buyer’s agent suggests   handling representing both the buyer and seller – if that Realtor does not   have listings.
  What’s Important to you in a Buyer’s Agent?

The above Realtors are   statistically the best for your area of interest.  Additional   characteristics you may want to consider are:

1.   Communication
    At certain points in the process, you will need open and quick communication   with your agent.  Making sure you and your agent have the right type   (text, email, phone, etc) of communication is helpful to the logistics and   may also reduce your stress during the process.
2.   Listening to your Needs:
    As a whole, Realtors have a reputation of being pushy salespeople.  A   good buyer’s agent should be able to focus on what you are looking for in a   home as well as address areas of concern you have about the process, THEN act   as more of a consultant through the buying process.
3.   Experience & Negotiating Skills
    The above data is helpful, but there may be specific experience you would   like your Realtor to have.  Simply asking them about such experience   should be most efficient.  Negotiating skills typically come with time   in the business as well as number of transactions, but is difficult to   quantify prior to selecting an agent.
4.   Follow Through
    Follow-Through is also difficult to measure prior to selecting a   Realtor.  Just as with the overall selection of a Realtor, it may come   down with whom you are most comfortable and confident.
  Highly Rated 76209 Lender
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With   your pre-qualification letter it’s as simple as selecting your new realtor   and choosing your new home!
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