Garland Texas Realty

When searching for customized MLS ratings for recommended real estate agents, you must first enter specific MLS search criteria. The search data will then be routed to a representative that will analyze and provide results for three Realtors with the highest ranking. An e-mail will be sent to you to contact Garland TX Realty at your convenience. The local multiple listing service provides the information that is used to rate Garland TX Realtors. The local multiple listing service ensures that all Realtors are included in the MLS search criteria, and the results found in the search are 100 percent correct.

MLS Rating Criteria

Once Realtor’s sample sets and comparable sales are received agents are rated based on the following:

  • Qualifying Number Transactions
  • Sales Proximity Close to Their Properties
  • The Average Time on The Real Estate Market
  • The Asking Price Ratio VS. The Sales Price
  • The Information Received From Former Clients
  • The Scores of All Realtors are Calculated, and the Results of the Top Three Realtors including Garland Texas Realty will be included in the Report.

The advantages of MSL Realtor ratings include:

  • Consumers are under no obligation to use the agents located with this system
  • There are no costs involved in the MSL Realtor rating system
  • The MSL rating service is compensated with a referral fee by any Realtor regardless of the agency.
  • Garland TX Realty’s motivation is to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the highest price, while providing the best Realtor.

MLS ratings will personally address your expectations, unique needs, and provide the best agent recommendation for real estate Garland Texas in the sale of your home. Valuable feedback is also given from previous clients who have used their Realtor service recommendations. After the completion of your services, you will also be asked to provide feedback to our company for continued improvement to our company. The recommendations provided by MLS ratings have sold homes on average of 26 days faster than other similar services.

The top 12 % of Realtors located with this system are responsible for 71 % of homes