Real Estate Carrollton TX

Real Estate Carrollton TX is very competitive. With Texas being one of the biggest states, Carrollton Texas realty is a tough business. With a Realtor everywhere you look, Real Estate Carrollton TX can provide a little difficult to find the correct one. Real Estate Carrollton TX has a system to help people find their Carrollton TX Realtors to fit their Carrollton TX realty needs.

MLS Ratings is a company that offers Realtor ratings for home buyers & sellers. They rate all Realtor sales statistics. A person visits the and puts in their specific search criteria. Once finished, the MLS information gets sent to an analyst at MLS ratings to be evaluated. The representative inputs your specific criteria as well as your area in MLS and will filter out the top Realtors that sell the most for the highest price. That information is then emailed to you.

The way Realtors are rated is by the local MLS data. This allows all Realtors to be included and no-biased results. After having the sample sets or comparable sales, the Carrollton TX Realtors are rated based on the number of transactions that qualify, average amount of time on the market, the ratio between sales price and asking price, how sales that were made that are close to your property, and comments from previous clients. These scores of every Realtor are combined and the top three are emailed to the consumer.

The information provided to consumers is at no obligation. It is not required to contact the top three Realtors. It is of no cost to obtain the information. MLS ratings are paid if the consumer chooses to sell their home through one of the three Realtors so the consumer’s best interests always considered. MLS Ratings will never sell your information to a 3rd Party.

The information that is supplied to the consumers is non-biased. The Realtor must be one of the best and most productive Realtors for MLS rating to information to a consumer.

MLS Ratings also offers advanced searches. This serves the purpose of people with special property. It helps people with commercial property, multi-family, investment property, acreage, etc. The Realtors are also qualified for special services. Examples are short sales and bi-lingual fluency.

MLS Ratings understands that real estate is not something that can be rushed through, but that you don’t have all the time in the world to do it either. MLS Ratings is here to assist you in finding the right Realtor to help you make those decisions.