Frisco texas real estate

MLS Ratings helps their customers find the perfect Frisco TX realtors for their needs

The housing market is a tough one. People are careful when they are buying or selling real estate. Those who work in Frisco, Texas real estate knows this. Those who are trying to see property in this area know this, too. This is why many are turning to MLS Ratings to help them pick the realtor to help them.

What do MLS ratings do? First, they do not sell homes. They help rate the professionals who work in the real estate industry, especially in Frisco, Texas real estate.

How do they rate these professionals? First, they make sure that every qualifying professional Realtor is in their database. For instance, when they are reviewing the Frisco, Texas real estate market, they will want to make sure all of qualifying realtors are being rated. Once this information is gathered, they will begin rating each professional.

The rating process will look at such items as:

  • The total number of qualifying transactions that each professional has handled
  • How many of these transactions were close to the property you are selling or the area in which you wish to buy
  • The average number of days that these properties were on the market
  • The end sale price versus the asking price
  • Feedback from past clients who sold real estate in Frisco Texas

Once the data is factored together, the customer can then request a report on the Frisco, Texas real estate area. This report will include the top three real estate professionals in that area.

This report is given to the customers free of charge. How can it be given away free? It is given away free because MLS ratings is paid by a percentage basis through the real estate agencies. The information is also non-biased. The information is non-biased because the company gets paid regardless of the Realtor the customer chooses. Remember not every Realtor is going to match up to every customer.

Of course, the customer has no obligation to use any of the Realtors who is shown to them in the report. This report is just given to them as a helpful guide. It is a guide that shows the top rated three realtors in your area who meets your specific Frisco TX real estate needs.

If you would like to give MLS Ratings a try and see if they can help you find the top three Realtors in your area, or if you have further questions about their company, please contact them. You can contact them by phone at: 214-339-2893.