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Real Estate Plano Texas: REALTOR Ratings

The goal of MLS Ratings is to assist with your Plano Texas real estate needs. We also ensure that the transaction is efficient and financially successful. We do this by following a few simple steps. First, the client is required to complete the Realtor Ratings form on the left. After being contacted by the MLS Ratings staff, the client will receive a list of the top 3 agents for Real Estate Plano Texas. Lastly, the client is asked to decide on one of the three Realtors to aid them in selling their home. It is advisable that they consult all three Realtors in order to pick the most suitable one for them.

This specific Real Estate Plano Texas page does not recommend any properties or additional services to our clients as the main goal is to match them up with the perfect Plano Tx real estate professional. MLS Ratings does not charge any fees for the services provided. We receive the exact same referral fee from any Realtor in Plano and the Realtors that are given to the client which will not affect the client’s charges.

MLS Ratings has come up with a one of a kind system which makes use of the complete database of Plano Tx Realtors and we have an extremely advanced search. The best Realtors are determined through a proprietary weighted algorithm which takes into consideration the number of homes sold in that region, number of days on the market, sales price as a percentage of asking price, price adjustments and incentives offered.

MLS Ratings is dedicated to ensuring the privacy of its clients. The information that a client gives is what is used when narrowing down the Real Estate Plano Texas search criteria. Because the client is given contact information for the Realtors, the Realtor will not be able to make contact with the client directly.

Any positive or negative feedback is greatly appreciated and will assist in continually improving the recommendations. Please contact MLS Ratings at 214-339-2893 or complete the form on the left to get your customized report.


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