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Plano TX Realtor: Highest Rated

MLS Ratings is a Real Estate agent rating service. Unlike other rating services, agents cannot buy a membership in our network. An agent must be the most productive Plano TX Realtor for MLS Ratings to provide his or her rating review information to a home owner.

Our mission is to help individuals find the best performing Plano TX Realtor to make their Real Estate transaction efficient and financially successful.

At MLS Ratings, we only hire the best people who are passionate about customer service. When you contact us, we personally address your unique needs and expect that you will be delighted with our recommendations.

What We Do

MLS Ratings is a free service to home buyers and sellers. We are paid a referral fee by any Plano TX Realtor we provide you. Finding the top producing Plano TX Realtor for each of our clients is important to us. MLS Ratings uses a proprietary system of rating local Plano TX real estate agents based on:

  • Unique requirements
  • Days on the market
  • Number of homes sold
  • Proximity to subject property
  • Sales price as a percentage of asking price

Our rating system was developed and has been refined so that Plano Texas real estate agent recommendations provided are only experienced Plano TX Realtors with proven results. Our experienced associates can customize your Realtor search if you have a unique property such as a commercial property, multi-family, acreage, or investment property. We can also qualify the Realtors for any specific needs you have for real estate in Plano Texas such as fluency in a certain language or experience with short sales.

How It Works

The process of finding a recommended Plano TX Realtor is simple:

  1. Fill out the Request Realtor Ratings form completely
  2. Receive information about the three top productive Realtors in your area
  3. Contact any or all of the realtors at your convenience and determine who will be the best fit for you

As we are always trying to improve our service and recommendations, we encourage and welcome any feedback both during and after your experience with any or all of the recommended Plano TX realtors.



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