Plano Texas Real Estate

Plano Texas Real Estate: Top Rated Realtors

Our goal at MLS Ratings is to find the best realtor for a buyer or seller so their Plano Texas Real Estate transaction gets accomplished as seamlessly as possible. We take pride in our work and we take our work seriously. Our customers are our number one priority and it shows in our level of professionalism and the feedback received from satisfied home sellers and buyers.

We use a rating system on realtors here in the Plano Texas Real Estate market that is based on a number of unique qualifiers which include the average number of days their property remains on the market, the total number of homes that they have sold, how close or far away from the specific property of the buyer or seller that they are, and the percentage of the final sales price vs. the original asking price. Whichever of these factors are important to our client, are the factors that we evaluate.

We take on each client on a case by case basis knowing that everyone’s home buying or selling needs are different. This is why, when we find you a Plano Texas Real Estate agent, you can rest assured that your agent will have all of the qualifications that they need to perform your transaction in accordance with your real estate in Plano Texas.

We do not allow your Plano TX realtor buy a membership for our services. There are no “preferred” realtors or “affiliate” Plano TX real estate agents. We do require a fee from the Plano Texas Real Estate agent for our services, but that only comes after the transaction is complete. We feel that this system of payment is the most fair for everyone involved.

The staff at MLS Ratings is highly qualified individuals who have customer service at the top of their priority list. If you have any more questions about our services, or would like to request a full report of the top Realtors to assist in your sale or purchase, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 214-339-2893.


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